This is Our Story

The climate crisis is here and now.

Every month unprecedent climate catastrophes occur. Heatwaves, wildfires, droughts, floods, hurricanes.

They are not just “natural” catastrophes. They are the direct consequences of the choices made by criminal corporations and supported by political decision-makers. Climate change is boosted by fossil fuels and the capitalism system that chooses profit over life.

We must hold those accountable who are responsible for these crises, and we must stop them.

The climate crisis is our story.

The place and time change, but the story repeats itself over and over again. The climate crisis is a global crisis that connects the peoples around the world. We are under attack and the capitalists are carrying out their plans as if everything is normal. We need to counterattack.

We must rise internationally each time we face climate catastrophes. No one should be left behind.

This not about others. It’s about us. This is our story.

This is our story being told.

This Is Our Story is a network of groups and communities all over the world, who stand in solidarity with each other and that will not stand still while facing deadly heatwaves, wildfires and floods fueled by capitalism.

Be part of our network, organize actions with us and protest against the criminals responsible for these disasters. Raise your voice in solidarity and rage!