#ClimateReparationsForPakistan #EndFossilNow

Pakistan is our story. The story is not over.

Support for Affected People

Several organisations are collecting funds to provide urgent relief to the peoples affected by the floods in Pakistan.

You can find here an extensive list of funds and organizations to whom you can donate.


Pakistan is our story, climate crisis our time, solidarity is our power. 

On the 9th September thousands of people took to the streets in solidarity and rage in dozens of countries, with more than 30 actions taking place.

We fight for the end of fossil fuels and for climate reparations for Pakistan, starting with the International Monetary Fund unconditionally canceling Pakistan’s debt payments.

Solidarity Photo from XR Rwanda
Solidarity action in Nuremberg, Germany, from FFF Nuremberg
Action in Denemark, from the party frie grønne.
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Climate crisis is our time. This is our story, not only in Pakistan.

It will continue to repeat itself, in other places and at other times.

We must make the climate criminals stop.
We must stand in international solidarity and support each other.

A third of Pakistan is underwater, thousands were killed, homes and land destroyed. Pakistan is one of the countries least responsible for the climate crisis, yet it’s suffering the most.

The fossil fuel industry and the capitalist system it supports are directly responsible. We must overthrow this system and stop the ones responsible now, rising in rage and international solidarity!
End Fossil Fuel Now.

It is time for the countries that have colonised and exploited for centuries and for the companies profiting from climate destruction to pay reparations and take responsibility, starting with the International Monetary Fund cancelling Pakistan’s debt payments!
Climate Reparations For Pakistan.

Where actions happened

People have the right to be angry. Companies are still extracting fossil fuels from Balochistan, but people there have just lost their homes and have no food or shelter. Balochistan is one the most affected regions. Currently they need a lot of humanitary support. However, during these circumstances the region is also facing human rights violations: thousands of Baloch youth are in torture cells; their families are chanting on the road.
We are very concerned for the funds and donations that Pakistan is getting aren’t used for their military purposes to worsen the human rights violations in Balochistan instead of being used for flood affectees ! Is Balochistan really getting enough support on the ground? We need to ensure accountability on any funds and donations Pakistan is receiving, with check and balance, as we are really concerned if they are really used for the flood affectees !

Activists from FFF Balochistan

9th September
Global Day of action

On the 9th September let’s go to the streets in solidarity and rage to fight for the end of fossil fuel and climate reparations for Pakistan, starting with the International Monetary Fund canceling unconditionally Pakistan’s debt payments.


Here you can find tools to organise your own action.

Sharing your action

Are you organizing a public action? Share where, when, who and links HERE so we can add it to the website!

After your action, please send 3 photos and short video of your action to: info@admin

Social Media

In all posts related to the actions and to the floods in Pakistan please use #PakistanIsOurStory !

Below you can find social media posts and posters which you can adapt for your own action. The Font we used is called Montserrat.


You can also add: #FloodinPakistan #ClimateSolidarity

Press release

Here you can find the international press release, which you can adapt for your own action.

Where does the call come from?

The call to action started in an international working group of the Glasgow Agreement for rapid response actions to climate catastrophes. This network is being created for calling to solidarity actions around the world when extreme climate crisis-related events give us a showcase of the catastrophic future ‘normal’ that awaits us everywhere around the world. Currently, the call to action is broader, involving several activists around the world. The call is open to anyone and any group that agrees with the call to action. We are in contact with activists from Pakistan to ensure that actions are compatible with what is needed and that communication and demands are politically led by them.

The climate crisis is a global crisis. More and more climate cathastrophes are going to happen. The place and time will change, but the story repeats itself over and over. And it will do so until we stop the climate criminals – the main culprits for the crisis we are in. They never stopped and they never will, unless we make them.
The climate justice movement needs to rise up in rage and international solidarity now!

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