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‘Climate Dystopia at Our Doorstep’: Tens of Millions Battle Catastrophic Flooding in Pakistan

“This is what the climate crisis looks like. It’s here, it’s dangerous, and we must take it seriously.”
With hundreds of thousands of people displaced, more than four million crops destroyed, and nearly a million homes demolished or severely damaged, Pakistani officials and rights campaigners on Monday called for a major international aid push following flooding throughout the country fueled by the fossil fuel-driven climate emergency and an unprecedented season of monsoon rains.
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My Country Pakistan Is Drowning

As I write this, my country is drowning. In the past two weeks, Pakistan experienced cataclysmic floods triggered by unprecedented monsoon and glacial melting, killing over a thousand people and many more injured, destroying hundreds of thousands of homes and millions of acres of crops, and causing billions of dollars in damage. Read more HERE.

The Floods Devastating Pakistan Are More Than a Natural Disaster

Monsoon rains and melting glaciers have driven tens of millions of Pakistanis from their homes. The disaster shows that the poor Global South populations who do least to cause climate change are the people who pay most for its consequences. Read more HERE.

Pakistan floods: before-and-after images show extent of devastation

More than 1,100 people have been killed in flooding described by Pakistan PM Shebaz Sharif as worst in country’s history

New satellite images show the extent of the devastation caused by catastrophic flooding and rains in Pakistan. Read more HERE.

Pakistan’s Floods Beggar the Imagination

I could—and probably I should—write a column every single day about the effects of the climate crisis now playing out daily around the world. But there’s some balance that must be stuck between chronicling the ongoing horror, and becoming inured to it. Most of the time, it’s more important to figure out how the hell we’re going to slow the train down. Read more HERE.

Pakistan floods: Map and satellite photos show extent of devastation

Monsoon rains have caused devastating floods in Pakistan, leaving millions homeless, destroying buildings, bridges and roads and leaving vast swathes of the country under water.

Flash floods and landslides along the Indus and Kabul rivers have left more than 1,000 dead and 1,600 injured – with the southern districts of Balochistan and Sindh worst-affected. Mountainous regions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have also been badly hit.

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More than half million pregnant women among flood-hit in dire need of care: UNFPA

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), a sexual and reproductive health agency, has painted a bleak picture of women affected by the unprecedented floods as it said that at least 650,000 pregnant women, of whom 73,000 are expected to deliver next month, in the flood-affected areas are in dire need of maternal health service. Read more HERE.

Audio Snippets from the Call of the 5th September.

Activists from Pakistan and Balochistan voice what is happening, their opinions on it, why we need to take action, what we can and need to do to help and what we need to demand!

Anam Rathor
Ayischa Siddiqa
Anmar Ali Jan